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“Relax!” is the second sculpture in the House Horse series.  She must love music because when I imagined her she was laying down all serene – just like you see her here – on top of our piano.  She reminds me to keep everything in perspective – to not stress out and forget about all the gifts in my life.  “Relax!” has a bit of pink in her patina – in remembrance of my mom, who wanted very much to live to be 100, but because of breast cancer, did not realize that goal.  “Relax!” is 9″ high x 20″ long from tail to nose x 11″ wide.  The patina for “Relax!” is called Angora Pink and Maple Granite.  Originally created with paper clay in a limited edition of only 50 bronzes, “Relax!” – of course – comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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