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IMG_1959Alex-Alvis-Sculpture-Group Yata_01 Yata_02 Yata_04 Look1_Alvis Look2_Alvis Look4_Alvis Alvis_Hoof_Detail Alvis_Watch!_01 Alvis_Watch!_02 Alvis_Watch!_03 Alvis_Step High!_03 Alvis_Step High!_01 Alvis_Step High!_02 Alvis_Leap!_04 Alvis_Leap!_02 Alvis_Leap!_01 Alvis_Relax!_02 Alvis_Relax!_01 Alvis_Itchy!_02 Alvis_Itchy!_01 Alvis_Itchy!_03

This is the test horse I used to see if paper clay sculpted well and could be painted. I originally wasn’t going to go pro – just wanted to sculpt the horses I envisioned and have them be only for us. Paper clay doesn’t hold up well and so reproducing them in Bronze was necessary which meant becoming part of the business world of sculptors.  I sculpt them for the joy of it – and am very happy that they are out in the world bringing joy to the art collectors who invest in them. From this all the rest followed – the photos below are the bronze reproductions of the originals and also a bunch of other photos that have been taken along the way!  Enjoy!

01Look!InTheBeginning 02Look!FinishingLegsHooves 03Look!FishinghFace 32Look!MeltingWaxOutinBurnoutKiln 39Look!PourFive 40Look!ShellBlastedOffWelding IMG_20120314_103351 May29201218July2010d 18July2010e Untitled-11 Untitled-13 studio IMG_3813 IMG_1718 Alex-Alvis-Short-BIOAlex-Alvis-Itchy-Collector-Home-2012-Loveland-Sculpture-InvitationalAlex-Alvis-Studio2Alex-Alvis-Studio2012 Equine Dream Art Show Artist Statement Studio Artist Statement beginning of Itchy! Equine Dream Art Show001 ExArteEquinus6 EquineDreamShowRibbons IMG_4206 sculpture in the park-western spirit Itchy! March 2011 IMG_20120314_102605 DSC09881 Nameless IMG_1954