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September 23rd – 25th, 2016benni

Beautiful Bennington, Vermont!  So very much looking forward to this show!  I hope if you find yourself nearby you will come by and for a visit.  I am now a Signature Member of the American Women Artists and the show this year is being hosted by Bennington Center for the Arts.  The show itself will be at the Center until November 13th and “Meow” will be available to one lucky collector.

The sculpture “Meow” represents balance.  This big cat has a big ecological significance. “Meow” is an advocate to “Get Back the Cat”.  How important this apex predator is!  And not just for the western states where this elusive animal still lives in the wild.  As deer populations continue to increase across the U.S., getting back the cat – often called the best hunter in the world – would be a very good thing.

August 12-14, 2016

If you happen to be in lovely Loveland Colorado this weekend, stop by and see my sculpture!  You’ll find me in the BEST tent!  Tent A! (A for AlexAlvis of course!!)

Sculpture in the Park-1

August 5-7, 2016

Celebrating a lovely birthday this weekend in beautiful Vail, Colorado!  Come by Raitman art gallery and chat with me and owner Ross Raitman.  I’ll be working on a sculpture or two while I’m there and will even have the original sculpture of Rocky Mountain Meow with me.


SOLD the NEWEST sculpture out in bronze, “Eya, the West Wind”!!  It sold along with it’s brother sculpture, “Okaga, the West Wind” to thrilled collectors up in Vail who were there celebrating their anniversary.  Congratulations!

Vail Show

Raitman Art Galleries have a whole herd of Mini Mustangs for you to choose from – and PIPER – a brand new casting of a Mini-Mustang 5!

Aug2016-1and here are some show photos: Aug2016-2 Aug2016-3 Aug2016-4 Aug2016-5 Aug2016-7

April 23-26, 2015

Find my sculpture here now!!



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My sculpture will be available to my East Coast collectors this weekend.  See the original paperclay/mixed media sculpture, “Magical”.  This-one-of-a-kind sculpture “Magical” is not only the largest sculpture I’ve ever done – Raitman Art Gallery has persuaded me to offer the original to sell.  I’m not sure it will remain for sale after this weekend.  I am very attached to it myself and there is a very special place in my house where it looks pretty fabulous.  It has been 3-D scanned and will be available as a very limited edition bronze. A very limited limited edition.  The pre-cast pricing available is for collectors who wish to get a great price on a future bronze casting of:

“Magical” (the horse going to a costume party dressed as a unicorn)- there will only be 5 castings;

“Mystical” (an actual unicorn- no bow) – only 5 castings made;  and

“Missy” (no unicorn horn – she’s just an extra wonderful horse) – only 5 castings.

Check out this video of the making of “Magical”

March 6-7 and 13-15, 2015

I will be in Breckenridge this weekend to unveil the large sculpture I started in Jackson last September.  I will also be demonstrating by starting a new sculpture.   “Magical” is the first large sculpture I’ve ever done and will be 3-D scanned and available as a limited edition bronze. A very limited limited edition.  Pre-cast pricing will be made available to collectors who wish to get a special price on a bronze casting during this weekend and the next and, if I haven’t fallen in love with the original too much – I might be persuaded to part with it.

The original has been coated in bronze and copper and I have applied a cold patina and some Swarovski have been added in some fun strategic places and it has been coated with jeweler’s grade resin to give added strength.  “Magical” is based on a revolving stand too.

It will never be as resilient as a bronze replica – but on the other hand – the opportunity to own an original artwork of this size is a pretty amazing prospect.  And I may never think about selling an original sculpture again.  So here’s your chance…maybe.

Here’s a copy of the ad coming out for the show.  Hope you can be there!

Alvis Show Breck 3-7-15

February 11th,

Getting busier and busier all the time.  But.  I have some very fun news to catch you all up on.

In November I finished the first sculpture of a new series: The Blue Moon Series.

I decided that once in a blue moon I will sculpt something other than a horse, and the Blue Moon Series was conceived and I will incorporate a blue moon into each sculpture. “Owl Ate the Blue Moon” is the first of that series; a little Spotted Owl sitting on a branch holding a little blue moon in his foot that he has taken a bite from. He has a thoughtful look on his face…he could be thinking that little mice are more delicious than blue moons. He should be finished in bronze by the end of this month.  He will have a beautiful colorful contemporary patina like the horses.  Here are photos of the original.

image (4)           image (5)

He’s adorable.  You will notice from these photos that in November I was not sculpting in my studio.  My old studio had been abandoned.  It was too small and too much a part of the outdoor environment….being as how it was not insulated.  It will become what it was designed to be from the start, a garden shed.  My new studio will be ready in December.  It is fabulous and I am very grateful to have it to create in.  The first sculpture finished in the new studio was Okaga, the South Wind.  This is the second horse of a series of 4 horses in the Lakota winds series.  The mold is finished for him this week and will be in the very skilled hands of the wax chaser very soon.  Expect to see him in bronze in mid April.

Here are some photos of the original paper clay in my new studio!

image image4 image image3

In December a new gallery, RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas started representing my work!  Also, BIG news, a gallery in China is now representing my sculpture too, so my work is officially represented internationally – very exciting!  Also, in January I did a show at Loveland Feed and Grain which was very fun.

And I just finished a series of three mini-mustangs last week!  In bronze they will be patina’ed in the same beautiful colorful hues as my larger horses; these are photos of the original paper clay cuties!  Here is a video of them:

and if you don’t have a facebook account and can’t see the video, here are some photos.

I am hoping to see these in bronze in May.

MM1_1MM1_2 MM1_3 MM2_1 MM2_2 MM2_3 MM3_1 MM3_2 MM3_3

Okay – so that’s all the news for now!


Wow – do I ever have news!  I am one 25 new artists that have been accepted this year to the 30th Anniversary of Sculpture In The Park in Loveland, Colorado August 10th and August 11th!  There are only 160 jury-selected artists included in the show – needless to say, I am beyond excited about it!!!  I hope you will come by and see the horses and me too!

Here is your personal invitation!