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The day I imagined all the horses in the house, I saw “Look!” first and then “Relax!” – both from the upstairs balcony…once I walked downstairs I saw “Itchy!” trying to balance on three legs so he could reach an itchy spot on his nose!  He is the third house horse and has won three awards – two People’s Choice awards, not surprising since Mark and I noticed, when all the horses were on show during the Loveland Sculpture Invitational two years ago and Sculpture in the Park last year and again at other shows, everyone who saw “Itchy!” got a big smile on their face…he is such an adorable boy!  “Itchy!” stands 16″ high x 15″ long from tail to nose and is 11″ wide.  The standard patina for “Itchy!” is Picasso Jasper.  Originally created with paper clay in a limited edition of only 50 bronzes, each “Itchy!” comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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