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Owl Ate the Blue Moon

When someone asks me what I sculpt I say “animals, most often horses”.  Horses are in fact nearest and dearest to my heart – specifically wild horses.  I happen to love all animals, however.  I want to create them through sculpture.  Owl Ate the Blue Moon is the first sculpture in the Blue Moon Series, so named because this series features animals that are endangered in our world today and so are seen only once in a while.  I want my art to raise awareness for endangered species of animals in this series…just as my horses are meant to raise awareness of the diminishing quantities of wild horses left to roam freely on the lands that were legally set aside for them in the 1970’s.  The Blue Moon Series was also named this because once in a blue moon I will sculpt something other than a horse.  Then, there is also a personal reason I love this expression!  If you want to know why though – you must come see me at a show and ask me or ask one of the galleries representing my work why…and you could always drop me a note to ask.  Otherwise it will just have to remain a mystery.

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