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“Look!” is the first sculpture in the House Horse series.  He is scaled to fit on a fireplace mantle because in our house that is where I saw him the day he was imagined.  He has attitude for sure, as I was upstairs on the landing and he was looking up at me as if to say “LOOK!  HERE I AM! CREATE ME!”   And so, I did.  He is 17″ high x 11″ long from tail to nose x 6″ wide.  The patina for “Look!” is called Baja Turquoise and Butternut.  I create each original in paper clay from which a mold is made- from that mold only 50 bronzes of “Look!” will be made and then the mold will be destroyed.  “Look!” comes with a Certificate of Authenticity – as does every one of my sculptures.  Having a Certificate of Authenticity every time you invest in art is important as it is one thing that can establish provenance.  Click here if you’d like to learn more about COA’s and art provenance.

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