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House Horse Series

The House Horse Series was the first series of sculpture I created that was turned into bronze limited edition sculpture.  They were imagined all in one day.  I “saw” these sculpture as they were to be.  Since they were in various places around the house and House Horse Series was born.  “Look!” I saw first on the fireplace mantle, “Watch!” was standing in front of the window by the front door, “Relax!” (who is a music lover), was on the piano…”Leap!” was jumping between the tops of the matching bookcases in the family room. “Itchy!” (who loves flowers but is somewhat allergic), was standing next to the window that had a table of African violets sitting by it…and “Step High!” was in full trot running around the corner of the dining room into the living room.  Today they are collected by art connoisseurs and have been with me at shows.  They seem to speak to people who are as unique and full of big personalities as they are.  I hope they are as inspired by them as I was that day I first day they made my world new.